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2014 Chengdu Creativity & Design Industry Expo Achieving a Total Turnover of CNY 480 million

  2014 Chengdu Creativity & Design Industry Expo, an industrial event attracting the attention of the whole city, closed on Oct. 14, 2014, drawing a satisfactory conclusion for 2014 Chengdu Creativity & Design Week. This expo coversed a total exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, exhibited 5,000 creativity and design works and products from the UK, Italy and other countries as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and other domestic cities, attracted 112,000 person-time visitors at home and abroad and achieved a total turnover of CNY 480 million. Various creative experience activities were held at this expo, such as “Creative Seeds” interactive game, 4D theater experience, on-site grand panda painting, ocean shell porcelain blank body drawing, 3D dressing and grand panda post office postcard sending, attracting an extensive participation of on-site visitors.

  Within the four days of exhibition, this expo completed the centralized exhibition of creativity and design development achievements in Chengdu as the great platform for cultural creativity and design industry to exchange, connect and combine with other industries, but also became the “creative classroom” for children brought by their parents to cultivate their innovative spirits and experience creativity and design charm. Totally, 112,000 person-time visitors, composed of 14,000 person-time professional visitors and 98,000 person-time general visitors, were attracted by this expo, achieving a total turnover of CNY 480 million, including 45 million on-site turnover and CNY 435 million project strategic investment.

  Chengdu will build the Chengdu Creativity & Design Week into an international famous city brand, an international cultural, economic and trade exchange platform, an industrial platform for intelligent assembly and R&D incubation and achievement transformation and a public service platform for people’s livelihood aiming at “serving people, benefiting people and joying people”, to provide driving forces for the development of Chengdu creativity and design industry, revitalize the new vigor of traditional industries by inserting hi-tech wings full of innovations, discover breakthroughs and accelerations for industrial transformation, promote the industrial transformations and upgrades in Chengdu and Sichuan, and build the city into an investment depression, provide young people with richer and more promising approaches to start career and pioneering and better approaches for realizing Chinese dreams of more people, make every citizen of this city a better life, and eventually build this activity into an endless banquet and a one-hundred-year brand well-known at home and abroad and build the city into a “city of creativity” renowned all over the world.